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Thoroughly explored and experienced what is currently available and I am looking forward to digging deeper into this uniquely styled and mysterious steampunk inspired universe.  The dramatic and massive architecture is mesmerizingly beautiful and I can't wait to learn more about this mysterious "catastrophe". 


Much appreciated. We are completely devoted to the style of the game, and know that the final game will have a lot more to surprise with.

muy prometedor... 

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From what I saw and felt inside the game I'm so sure it's going to be so cool

Thank you! We’re glad you find it promising.

The game is awesome and the buildings are awesome. However, I feel that the game lacks something else, even its proposal being an empty world and a particular journey.

Hello there!

Thanks a lot for trying the demo out. As it currently stands, the demo only represents the first minutes of gameplay, but we expect that once we introduce the fully fleshed-out initial level and puzzles, the game will obtain that missing link you mention.

We hope to hear your feedback again when that moment comes, and thank you very much too for that premiere gameplay.